Education support

At RAI, we believe in the value of life-long learning. We offer a variety of programs to support you and your dependents in paying for your education – no matter where you are on your journey.

Tuition reimbursement

Whether you’re looking to complete an advanced or undergraduate degree related to your current role or another role within the company, our tuition assistance program can help you meet your career goals.

A helping hand – we’re dedicated to making education more affordable, reimbursing up to 85% of approved tuition fees.

Through EdAssist, you can access financial advisors with years of experience in higher education, who can help you develop an education plan that meets your needs. Discounts on application fees may also be available.

Visit the Thrive portal to access EdAssist and learn more about how the program can help you develop your skills.

Student Loan Support

Managing student debt can be overwhelming, so we have partnered with Fidelity and Credible to help make it easier for you. In addition to the Fidelity Student Debt Tool, you can now compare refinancing options with Credible.

The Student Debt Tool provides information about options you have to manage your student loan debt.

  • View all student loan information in one place
  • See how loans might look with different repayment plans, like federal income-based programs or private refinancing
  • Compare the pros and cons of different strategies
  • Get information on what repayment plan might work better for your situation

By refinancing your student debt, you may be able to:

  • Lower your interest rate
  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Release a cosigner from a student loan
  • Combine multiple loans to repay loans more efficientlyTake advantage of a flexible repayment plan

To get more information, visit

Scholarships for dependents

Eligible employees can apply for the following scholarships for their dependents:

  • Foundational Vocational/Technical Scholarship
  • W. Hughes Memorial Scholarship
  • The Reynolds American Foundation Scholarship
  • The W.N. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship


The awards available generally range from $1,000-$2,500 annually. To learn more and discover whether you’re eligible, visit the Thrive portal.

Education loans

If you’re a member of Allegacy Federal Credit Union (AFCU), and are enrolled for at least six semester hours at an accredited institution, you can apply to the AFCU Loan Program for a student loan.

The annual loan limit is $5,000 with a cumulative limit of $20,000.

Contact AFCU for more information online, or at 336-774-4138 (ext. 4138).

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