Protecting your sight

Your eye health is an important part of your health and well-being. To help you take care of your eyes, we provide a comprehensive vision insurance plan.

The Vision Benefit Plan is a network-based plan that helps you meet the eye care needs of you and your family. The plan is fully insured by National Guardian Life Insurance Company and administered by Superior Vision Services, Inc. (The plan is sometimes referred to as the “Superior Vision” plan.)

Key details

  • An annual frame and contact lens benefit.
  • 100% coverage for standard progressive lenses and factory scratch coatings.
  • 100% coverage for children’s polycarbonate lenses.
  • No contact lens fitting fee.


Here’s how it works


Eye exam

(once per calendar year)

$15 co-pay

Eyeglass frames and/or lenses

$15 co-pay

Standard contact lens fitting


Contact lenses in lieu of frames

Up to $140

Frames – standard

(every other calendar year)

Up to $140

For more information on your vision plan and the services covered, call 800-507-3800 or visit the Superior Vision website.

Monthly premiums


Employee Only


Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner


Employee + Child(ren)


Employee + Family



Summary of coverage (2020)

Summary of coverage (2021)

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